Vision & values
Strong commitments

Strong commitments

Aker Floating Production’s business activities build on our six corporate values. Aker Floating Production’s values support and guide day-to-day priorities and decision-making. Acting in accordance with our values promotes sound attitudes and performance every day. Aker Floating Production’s corporate values commit the company and reinforce the bonds among company employees.

Our employees’ dedication and know-how allow Aker Floating Production to deliver on its commitments to customers, employees, and the communities in which we work. An effective corporate culture must remain dynamic and responsive. Thus, it is with a combination of humility and pragmatism that Aker Floating Production works to strengthen and cultivate its values.

We have committed to our customers, shareholders, employees, and the communities in which we operate.
Our customers can expect:
To be part of an active and long term value-creating ownership, full of energy and determination
Outstanding health, safety, and environmental performance
To be listened to and understood
An open, long-term and mutually beneficial relationship
High ethical standards and integrity

Our shareholders can expect:
To be part of an active and value-creating ownership, full of energy and determination
A decisive management that closely supervises business activities, delivers solid profits, and inspires confidence
Transparency — accurate, consistent, and timely presentation of financial and other relevant information
Sound corporate governance

Our employees can expect:
A safe, inspiring, and development-oriented working environment
Challenging work assignments and opportunities for growth
A working environment in which diversity is appreciated
Competitive compensation, relative to the markets in which they work
To be treated fairly, and with respect

The communities in which we operate can expect:
Local and regional value creation
Respect for inhabitants, laws, and culture
Value-adding relationships with local partners, subcontractors, and suppliers
Socially responsible business conduct, integrity, and high ethical standards
Openness — an open agenda, transparency, and reliability